Top 5 ways to increase sales for your e-commerce store

 Today the world is a tech-savvy. From conversations, to playing games, to study and to shop all occurs on mobile phones and laptops itself. Little do people make efforts to go out for these

This trend has been a great boon to the owners of e-commerce stores.

E-commerce or electronic commerce is trading via internet, mobile phones etc. These trading companies built an e-commerce website to sell products ranging anything from electronics to local household stuff. People feel at utmost ease to sit back on the couch and purchase whatever their heart desires.

However not all e-commerce websites prosper. While some incur huge profits, others don’t gather customers at all. This happens for several reasons that the owners don’t keep in mind, which are crucial to their business. While the prosperous ones employ some techniques that work for gathering plenty.

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As we already discussed it is a tech savvy world nowadays. So people may not meet or talk to you in person but are always available via social network. These social networks make or spoil your persona, it is that crucial a material in their lives. Therefore advertising on social media always works. With a like or follow on Facebook, or a favorite on twitter the sale of a product reaches heights. If a product is there on social network it is meant to be sold within few days.

The next most important thing to be kept in mind is SEO. SEO that is search engine optimization. One needs to keep in mind to create the e-commerce website in such a way that google always finds it. It should have some common terms, use taglines and other features for it to be available when a customer goes for search. The more people find the online store, the more is the purchase.

Now with the above two the customer finds the website but how will one ensure he purchases the product? Now, that one can do by offering the customer the answers to their expected questions beforehand.

Create the website in such a way that everything is explained and clear. The product copy should have the full details of the product-size, color, fabric, washing techniques (in case of a cloth) etc. The site should also have a high resolution picture of the product, showcasing it from all the angles. Better the picture, more scope for it to be sold.

Discounts are always welcome to a customer. It is the luring factor. Even when sometimes a man is not in the dire need of purchasing some product, he does so because of the offers imparted by the websites. A lay man is of the opinion that if a pair of shoes worth rupees 15000 are available at 7000 then why not purchase it? Those 7000 then are not heavy for the customer to spend. He feels proud to have made the best of an opportunity. Whereas online stores get profited by this. Therefore a wide range of enticing discounts to bring in customers should always feature on these e-commerce stores. Not even a picture of the product but a banner of 50%, 60% will increase traffic onto the website.

Apart from all this the fifth main trait of an e-commerce store for prospering should be customer-friendly interface. Shopping should be easy and reliable. One such feature is multiple payment options. Otherwise many a time’s buyers are heartbroken when they find this last step unavailable. So multiple payment via cash, debit card, credit card, visa debit card etc. should be available for the convenience of the customers.images

Also shipping charges add as a blow to the customers purchase. Buyers always look for sites wherein shipping is free because they don’t want to spend an extra penny over that.

 All these features though bring a customer but in order to have a regular customer websites should have good contacts with the customer. A helpline wherein the customer should inquire her/his heart out. Also a regular survey wherein customer satisfaction is kept in check.

Keep in mind all the traits and there blooms your online sales!










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